Privacy Policy

What information is being stored within the extension?

The preferences that the user sets within the options page as well as an API token for interacting with the AniList API are all stored locally using the Storage Local API.

What information is collected?

No information other than what is required for the extension to function is collected. This includes the current anime/manga AniList page that the user is currently viewing.

This extension makes use of the AniList API. Be aware that this service may collect HTTP logs. Do note that we have no control over what this external service collects or stores. If interested you may view the privacy policy of the external service used within the extension.

How do we use the information?

The collected data stated above is used to provide core extension functionality such as viewing the authenticated user's anime/manga list, notifications, and search results.

What information/data do we share?

None of the collected information/data is shared with third-parties other than what has already been stated above.